Green Roadmap

Arts centres, museums, theatres, opera houses, indeed the whole cultural sector needs to contribute to the green transition. But how do we best do that? We need knowledge and a tool that can help us along the way.

That is why the Nordic Council of Ministers is developing a Green Roadmap which is designed to make it easier for cultural institutions to act sustainably and create sustainable cultural experiences in the Nordic region. Green Roadmap is a part of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Sustainable Living programme which promotes new initiatives, ideas, tools, and knowledge that can lead to greener production and consumption of culture in the Nordic region.

The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands is the secretariat for Green Roadmap, which will launch in Summer 2023.

As part of the Green Roadmap project, a conference about Sustainable Cultural Experiences in the Nordic Countries is being held in the Nordic House on 16 January 2023.

Conference: Sustainable Cultural Experiences in the Nordic Countries

Green Roadmap

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