24. May 10:00 GMT/11:00 CET/12:00 EET: Roundtable #4 Carbon emissions - what's the deal?

The purpose of this Roundtable is to shed light on Carbon emissions and how to calculate them.
With international and national policy work like the Paris Agreement, the EU Green Deal and national goals - the aim to cut emissions by 2030, cultural institutions in the Nordics should have the knowledge, to measure, report and communicate their emissions, and to make concrete plans to reduce their emissions.

To help us understand the possibilities we invite different perspectives to share input and thoughts in order to seek out challenges and opportunities within these areas.

The programme takes a maximum of 1 hour and 15 minutes in roundtable format.
There will be introductions for 15-20 minutes and then a discussion with the session participants for about 1 hour -as needed.

There will also be polls for input and statistics.

Introductions by: Tapio Säkkinen, Carbon emission calculation in cultural institutions

Keywords: Carbon emissions: avoid, reduce, offsets, remove, UN and European Green Deal – 2030 + 2050.
how do we measure?

Zoom: https://binorwegianbusinessschool.zoom.us/j/65298593005?pwd=N0pRb0ZxSU5QYW5QUHRma0lEbmkyQT09

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