Art and architecture

Works of art
In the Nordic House, you can experience a wealth of Nordic music, literature, visual and performance art, and movies. Every year we have more than 400 events. But in and around the house you will also find permanent exhibits of Nordic art. Experience Tróndur Patursson’s puissant stone sculpture to the right of the entrance or William Heinesen’s painting in the Dance Hall portraying the five Faroese Night Hellions. You can read more about the Nordic House’s works of art here.

The House
The Nordic House is in itself worth a visit. When you enter through the front doors, your feet walk on Norwegian granite and while you relax in the furniture from Finland you can feast your eyes on the beautiful woodwork directly from the forests of Sweden and the huge glass panes and sturdy metal constructions from Denmark. Take a walk outside the house and discover the wild grass of the Faroe Islands growing on our Icelandic roof. Norwegian architect Ola Steen and Icelandic architect Kollbrún Ragnarsdóttir are responsible for designing the architectural beauty that is the Nordic House and given its strategic placement, the house offers a scenic view of Tórshavn, the North Atlantic Sea, and the Island of Nólsoy.

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