Volunteer on the Faroes?  

Are you a committed volunteer? Then you are exactly who we are looking for.  

We wish to contribute to your volunteer work, regardless of age or locations, by helping you participate in courses, conferences og network meetings in the Nordic region.  

We can offer support of up to DKK 2700 in travel expenses.  

Write to us on nlh@nlh.fo and tell us, what you want to take part in, why it’s important for you to be there and what you hope to bring back with you to the Faroes.  

Applications will be processed as and when we receive them, and should support be granted to you, it will be paid out, once we have received a travel receipt via email.  

Please usVolunteer in the Nordic Region” as your email subject, when sending your application.  

The funds for this project are limited and will cover approximately 12 people’s trips. 


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