Nordic Melting point is the title of a new collaboration between four Nordic children’s festivals: Barnens Kulturkalas in Gothenburg, Barnamenningarhátíð in Reykjavík, Lasten Festarit/Lasten Espoo in Helsinki and Barnafestivalurin in Tórshavn.

The purpose of the collaboration is initially to exchange ideas and best practices in relation to sustainability, equality and diversity in accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals Furthermore, the festivals wish to swap programming ideas and explore possibilities for potential artistic collaborations.

The organisers of the respective events met in Copenhagen in February to plan visits to each festival and identify specific, relevant areas of development. During 2018 the organisers visited each other’s festivals, and have written the below summary report, which focuses on three main areas: Sustainbility, Equality and Diversity.   

Nordic Melting Point - summary report


The collaboration is supported by Nordic Culture Point. 

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