08. May 2017

Volt - A new culture and language programme for children and young people!

The Nordic Culture Point is launching a new Nordic grant programme with the aim of promoting the culture of children and young people. The programme’s name is Volt and the application period is open from the 4th of May until the deadline on the 8th of June.

The Nordic Council of Ministers have allocated approx. 248 000 €/year to the programme. Children and young people are a priority within the Nordic cultural cooperation. The Nordic Council of Ministers’ vision is that the Nordic Region will be the best place in the world for children and young people, one example being strengthening young people’s rights and participation in society. Volt also places great importance on the kids own creativity and participation in the projects.

Check out the criteria.

More information:

Turið Johannessen, programadvisor
+358 10583 1023   

Ola Kellgren, director, Nordic Culture Point
+358 10 583 1001


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