09. January 2023

New Secretary General Karen Ellemann wants to see results

Effective Nordic co-operation that yields results. This is the most significant aspiration of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ new Secretary General, Karen Ellemann. Achieving it will require teamwork.

Denmark’s Karen Ellemann took over as Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers at the end of the year. One can’t fail to notice that she is taking on her new role with huge enthusiasm.

It’s a dream job, as Ellemann says herself. She knew this as soon as the post was advertised as vacant.

“When I read the job listing and saw what they were looking for, I thought it had ‘Karen’ written all over it. The role is so inspiring and important, which is why I applied for it. Nordic co-operation is more important than ever. In my view, stronger co-operation is the answer to the challenges we face. We can solve so much if we work together.”

Ellemann is already very familiar with the Nordic Region. She has previously been Minister for Nordic Co-operation for Denmark and a member of the Nordic Council. However, it has been several years since she was active in the Nordic sense, so she intends to wait to announce her programme.

“During the first hundred days, I will allow myself to re-familiarise myself with the Nordic sphere, visit people, listen to them, and meet the employees at the institutions and other partners. It’s important for me to hear other people’s views on things so that I can form a better idea of Nordic co-operation.”

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