02. November 2021

Eivør won the 2021 Nordic Council Music Prize

On Tuesday, 2 November, Faroese musician Eivør Pálsdóttir won the 2021 Nordic Council Music Prize. The prizes were presented at Skuespilhuset in Copenhagen.

Excerpt from the jury’s rationale
"Eivør Pálsdóttir’s tireless work ethic over the past years has cast a spotlight on her home country and her meticulous work with her musical heritage and native language. Eivør Pálsdóttir is a bona fide “Nordic” artist, but at the same time, she has managed to carve out a status as an international pop star, travelling the world with her renowned stage act. A brave and curious artist, she manages to connect with her audience with remarkable ease, tapping into the humane side of all of us with both dignity and grace."

Congratulations, Eivør!

The other prize winners of the evening were
- Children and Young People’s Literature Prize: De afghanska sönerna by Elin Persson from Sweden
- Film Prize: The Danish film Flee
- Environment Prize: Concito, Denmark’s green think-tank, for the Big Climate Database
- Literature Prize: Greenlandic author Niviaq Korneliussen for the novel Naasuliardarpi

Congratulations to everyone – including the nominees.

About the Nordic Council’s prizes
The Nordic Council awards five prizes each year: The Literature Prize, the Film Prize, the Music Prize, the Environment Prize and the Children and Young People’s Literature Prize. The DKK 300,00 prizes are awarded to the winners during the annual Session of the Nordic Council in the late autumn.

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