06. June 2019

Director for the Faroese Symphony Orchestra

The Faroese Sympony Orchestra is seeking a new director

Job Description

We are seeking to appoint a director who would be responsible for the day-to-day running of the orchestra. This includes financial, marketing, administrative and artistic leadership, whilst working in close conjunction with the board. The director selects musicians for the orchestra in co-operation with the board and is responsible for the orchestra’s website and intranet. The director provides artistic leadership in consultation with the music committee and is expected to be proactive in seeking additional funding for the orchestra. The director and the board liaise closely on all matters.

This post involves regular communication with musicians and the orchestra’s associated partners. We are seeking a person who is highly organised, an effective communicator, and who enjoys working collaboratively.

An extensive knowledge of classical music and the unique requirements of a symphony orchestra is essential, as are excellent financial and administrative skills.

Salary and other requirements 

This is a part time position with flexible working hours. The appointment is for an initial term of four years but may be extended for a further four years upon agreement by both parties. The post necessitates a flexible working pattern as there will be certain peak times, e.g. in the run up to a concert.

The salary for this post is by negotiation, according to qualifications and experience.

If you would like further information you may contact the chairman of the board, Jógvan Thomsen, mobile 556021, or jt@vs.fo. or the current/retiring director Poul Jákup Thomsen on mobile 211112 or pj.skarvanes@gmail.com


Applications containing a cover letter detailing qualifications and experience, a CV and references, should be sent by e-mail to Grannskoðaravirkið SPEKT,  e-mail:  fz@spekt.fo

Please use  ‘Application to FSO’ in the subject line.

Applications should be received by the Faroese Symphony orchestra by Thursday 1 august 2019 at 12:00 GMT+1.  All applications will be treated confidentially.

About the orchestra

The orchestra comprises 60 musicians: Professionals living and working in the Faroe Islands, Faroese and overseas musicians residing abroad, experienced amateur musicians and advanced pupils of the Faroese Music School.

FSO performs 5-6 concerts per year, primarily in the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands. Concerts are held in the Autumn, at Christmas, New Year and in Spring. FSO’s  recent children’s concerts, which were seen by more than 4000 children, have mainly comprised local Faroese musicians, half of whom are ‘home grown’ talent – being former pupils of the Faroese Music School. A few concerts are broadcast live on radio and television.

The Faroese Symphony Orchestra also regularly performs with an auditioned choir of 80 voices and collaborates with local singing teachers in supporting a Children’s choir.

Further information is available on FSO’s website: www.fso.fo

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