02. September 2020

Barður DC auctions off ”Livibreyð”

Do you want to support the youth psychiatry ward in the Faroe Islands and become the owner of Livibreyð? The main work from this summer’s exhibition featuring Barður DC is now being sold through an online auction. The money made from the auction will undivided go the Faroese youth psychiatry. The auction is live from September 7th at 9am until September 9th at 12am and is conveyed through e-mail. If you want to participate or want to know more, you are welcome to contact Barður at bardurdcmail.com - Then he will get back to you with more details.

While Livibreyð was exhibited at The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands it worked as a focal point for a donation working towards better youth psychiatry in the Faroe Islands and many guests filled the donation coffer with coins and bills – Thank you so much! In the end the coffer contained 10.827,54 DKK, which August 31st was handed over to Department Manager Alberta McLeod Jacobsen and Chief Physician, in charge of youth psychiatry; Súsanna Reinert-Petersen by Barður DC and Managing Director of the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands Gunn Hernes. Barður DC brought in addition to the check multiple gift certificates donated by local Faroese businesses and a wealth of art works that fellow artists wanted to gift the youth psychiatry ward.

Barður DC: Livibreyð

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