15. September 2023

Apply for Funding

Do you have an idea for a Nordic cultural project or collaboration? You can apply for funding to make your idea a reality.

At the Nordic House, you can receive personal guidance on how you can apply for financial support from these funds:

The Nordic Culture Fond
Nordic Culture Point
NAPA’s Culture Support Programme
Nordisk Film og TV Fond
Norden 0-30

Each month we have a virtual guidance office where you can receive advice regarding your application and the various support schemes. Additionally, there are open meetings about twice a year, through which it is also possible to receive help and information regarding funding. Stay informed through our calendar, or book a meeting with Inger Smærup Sørensen at inger@nlh.fo.

Flight Tickets from the Faroe Islands
Faroese artists who want to exhibit their art abroad can apply for funding for air travel with Atlantic Airways through Loftbrúgv.

Travel Support for Volunteers
Suppose you are a volunteer in the Faroe Islands and need to go on a course, conference, collaboration meeting, or something similar in another Nordic country. In that case, you can request funding from the Nordic House for your travel expenses (maximum 2,700 DKK).

You are welcome to contact us at nlh@nlh.fo and inform us of your plans, where you plan to go, why it is important for you to attend and what you hope to bring back to the Faroe Islands.

We consider each case. If you are granted funding, this will be paid once you send us the travel receipt via e-mail. Please subject your e-mail with the title “Volunteer in Nordic Country”.

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