Annually the Association of Faroese Composers arranges the Summartónar festival – the composers and songwriters festival of classical and contemporary music.

Over the years more than 1600 concerts have been presented and each year several new works are performed – over 500 compositions have had their world premieres at Summartónar, the vast majority of these written by Faroese Composers.

The Summartónar-concerts are free, but we require all participants to sign up to ensure seating and easing COVID-19 contact tracking.
The Nordic House follows the health authorities’ guidelines.  Have you been traveling abroad, or are you visiting The Faroe Islands? You are welcome to attend events in The Nordic House when you have received a negative test result on the 4th day after arrival in The Faroe Islands.
You are also welcome if you have completed your vaccination at least eight days before your visit. We recommend taking a follow-up test 4 days after arrival.
Read more about safety in the house.

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