How can we take better care of our planet? You can make a difference!

We will plant seeds, learn about waste sorting, build chicken coops, see machines that can save the world, go on adventures with Lods Hans, and much more. Come to the children's festival FRÍTT FLOG, where children and their parents can learn about sustainability and caring for our common earth.

FRÍTT FLOG offers workshops, musical theater, exhibitions, readings, and more, all focused on sustainability. Children participating in all events will receive a diploma certifying they are now trained planet guardians.

The festival lasts two days. You can buy a ticket (festival wristband) for either April 13th or 14th, which gives access to all experiences throughout the day.

Age: 3-12 years with parents (but the whole family is welcome. For example, we have a baby room where parents can retreat with the little ones if needed).

Note: There is a limited number of spaces for the events. However, most events are held several times throughout the day, so you have the opportunity to participate in everything. If, for example, there's no space in a workshop, you can participate in another activity and return when the workshop starts over.

Learning how to take care of the planet is fun and exciting. We look forward to seeing you at the festival.

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