Bókadagar 2020 (Book Week)

Look forward to a whole week dedicated to literature! We invite you to take part in Book Week 2020 with events such as: poem reading, theatre for children, book sale, Q&A’s with authors and much more.

Book Week is a yearly event, which is arranged in collaboration with Faroese authors, publishers and special interest groups. Usually, the Book Week is a book weekend, but this year the event lasts a whole week. An extended duration of the event ensures that we can follow the authorities guidelines and keep a safe distance to one another – while still being able to enjoy a good story, learn more about literature and get the authentic feel of a real book.

All events require payment or signing up, and there are a limited number of seats.

The schedule for the Book Week will continuously be updated on our website nlh.fo and our Facebook page. Keep updated on new postings to ensure a seat on upcoming events.

We look forward to seeing you.

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