Experience the largest arts festival in Scandinavia in the Nordic House (or on your sofa).  

The Nordic House has entered into a new collaboration with Bergen International Festival and will be showing a selection of events on the big screen in the Nordic House and on our website.  

Bergen International Festival is the largest of its kind in the Nordic Countries and is internationally recognised for its work in music, opera, dance and theatre. Every year they offer an impressive programme of performances and artists – from small local groups to large international stars.  

Due to COVID-19 this year’s festival could not be realised as planned, but instead of cancelling the event entirely, they have put all their energy into creating a high-quality online festival. Most of the events are live-streamed, though some are recordings from previous festivals.  

The Nordic House, who has collaborated with Bergen International Festival before, has handpicked a diverse range of events from the festival’s programme, which we will make available to our audiences either through our digital stage Heimabitin or live on one of our big screens 

The events we have selected include everything from debates to orchestra concerts, from children’s theatre to digital art installations.  

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