Welcome to the Nordic House!

The Nordic House is one of the most important instruments that the Nordic Council of Ministers has to further the political priorities of the Nordic cultural co-operation.

The house is run as a Nordic institution of art and culture with a diverse programme of music, literature, theatre, film, visual arts, lectures, conferences and much more.

Through art and culture we can better understand who we are as people and as a community. Art has the power to make us happy, excite us, challenge us, to create debate, encourage us, impress us, but most of all it says something about the community we live in from a cultural perspective.

Culture plays an important role in the community because it elevates debate. It enriches our lives and at the sames time as it challenges us. When we feel safe in our life perspective we can embrace diversity in a constructive way, and we can manage our cultural heritage in the meeting with new cultures and perspectives. We create the cultural heritage together, and in the Faroe Islands the Nordic House is a place where the art and cultural heritage of the future is produced and communicated.

The Nordic House’s primary remit as an open and vibrant cultural venue is to showcase Nordic art and culture in the Faroe Islands and to raise awareness about Faroese art and culture across the Nordic region. We produce and co-produce several festival throughout the year, among them festivals for children, film, literature and jazz. Artists and producers/organizers are very welcome to contact us with ideas for collaboration or production.

We endeavour to reach a wide audience and host events ranging from small and intimate to big and spectacular. The spaces in the house are used for our own productions, co-operations and are also available to rent.

With Vision 2030 the goal of the Nordic Council of ministers is to make the Nordic region the most sustainable and integrated in the world. With knowledge innovation, mobility and digital integration we can make changes and create growth towards a greener community. We want to work  towards an inclusive, equal and cohesive region with common values and strong cultural exchange and welfare.

We hope that you as guest and artist will join us on this journey.



Inauguration: 8 May 1983

Architecture: Ola Steen (NO) and Kollbrún Ragnarsdóttir (IS)

Furnishing: Alvar Aalto (FI)

Highest authority: The Nordic Council of Ministers

Square meters: 2.407

Events yearly: ca. 400

Visitors yearly: ca. 120.000

The Nordic House is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Faroese Parliament.

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