The history of the house

When the politician Erlendur Patursson shared his thoughts on a Faroese Nordic House of culture in the Faroese parliament in the 1960’s, many Faroese were sceptic. Was there even a need or space for a Nordic House on the Faroe Islands? But in the end, Erlendur got his wish. The Faroese parliament and the Nordic Council agreed on a new Nordic House on the Faroe Islands and in 1977 an architectural contest was initiated. 158 architects from all over Scandinavia participated, which eventually were narrowed down to the Norwegian Ola Steen and the Icelandic Kollbrún Ragnarsdóttir. The house has been home to many Faroese and foreign visitors over the years since it’s inauguration on May 8th, 1983.

Director of the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands
Through the years, the office of the Director of the house has been held by many nationalities.

Steen A. Cold, Danmark, 1983-1985
Hjørtur Pálsson, Island, 1985
Karin Flodstrøm, Sverige, 1985-1989
Jan Kløvstad, Norge, 1989-1994
Peter Turtschaninoff, Finland, 1994-1999
Helga Hjørvar, Island, 1999-2005
Niels Halm, Danmark, 2005-2013
Sif Gunnarsdóttir, Island, 2013-2018
Gunn Hernes, Norge, 2018 –

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