The Nordic House collaborates with artists, organisers and businesses.

We strive to ensure that our work embraces various artistic and cultural expressions and is accommodating to all; however, with a primary focus on children and youth. The guiding principle of our work focuses on freedom of the press and speech, equal status and equality, and green change.

You are welcome to contact us about collaborations or renting our space at

Faroese Collaborations
The Nordic House collaborates with Listaleypurin. Listaleypurin aims to provide all Faroese schools with certain artistic experiences in their schools. Artists within all fields of art are permitted to apply to participate in Listaleypurin. More information about terms and deadlines is available here:

The Nordic House works with the Tórshavn City Council, Atlantic Airways and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture regarding Loftbrúgv. Loftbrúgv provides artists that live in the Faroe Islands the opportunity to apply for financial support to fund their air travel when travelling abroad with their art. More information is available here:

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