The Lobby

  • Café tables and chairs for 70 people

The Lobby is the heart of the Nordic House. It is the starting point from which you are led to all other rooms and experiences and it is here that you can feel the pulse, the hustle and bustle, but also the innate calm that the House is so known for. Between green plants and Nordic papers and children’s books, and to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, the Lobby offers you a space to relax, work or enjoy an organic meal in its light and beautiful environment.

In the Lobby, the Nordic countries come together in an architectural whole, and the Nordic House’s identity is conveyed through Finnish furniture, Norwegian stone, Swedish wood, Danish steel and glass and an Icelandic roof construction. Everything topped by Faroese grass on the roof.

The Lobby is home to organic café SMAKKA, a giftshop with a fine selection of Faroese handicrafts and the Nordic House’s reception with its friendly and helpful staff.

Rent space
Suitable for
  • Café events
  • Exhibitions
  • Receptions
Standard equipment
  • PA
  • Exhibition walls
  • Wifi
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